Did You Know? Gum Disease Affects More Than Just the Mouth.

Gum disease is one of the most common dental problems affecting several individuals worldwide. It is caused by bacteria in the mouth that can lead to inflammation of the gums. Gingivitis is a mild form of gum disease which can cause swollen, red and bleeding gums. If not treated on time, gingivitis can advance to periodontists which is characterized by receding gums and tooth loss. However, note that gum disease not only affects your mouth but can have a far-reaching impact on your body also. Read on to know more.

  • Fertility

Studies have shown that women with gum disease take a higher time to conceive than women who don’t have the disease. Periodontal disease is also linked with pre-mature child birth which can cause health risks for the baby. However, treating the disease during pregnancy has proved to be effective—with most women having a normal delivery. Further, fertility specialists also require women to be free of gum disease or to undergo treatment of the disease. This affirms that gum disease affects fertility which can however be prevented through treatment, proper oral care and hygiene habits.

  •  Heart Disease

Gum disease causes inflammation which can lead to hardened arteries. This can disrupt the blood flow to the heart which can cause a heart attack. Also, swollen gums are the main symptom of gingivitis which is caused by bacteria that thrive on plaque build ups in the mouth. This bacteria can manage to escape into the bloodstream and cause inflammation in the body which is one of the reasons for heart disease and arthritis.

  •  Alzheimer’s disease

In a study published online in the Journal of Alzheimer’s disease, it was found that people who didn’t take their dental health seriously were at a greater risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Amongst these, since older people have reduced abilities to take care of their dental health, they are highly likely to contract the disease. Studies also show that bacteria which is persistent in gum disease can enter the bloodstream through a simple stimulation like eating or chewing. This bacteria can reach the brain and kill brain cells, thus causing chemical changes in the brain, leading to cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s.

Besides the above, gum disease is also said to be linked with diabetes, lung and respiratory disorders. Timely treatment and going for regular check-ups can help curb the progression of gum disease and reduce the risk of other diseases as well.


What are Clear Aligners? And How are They Different from Regular Braces?

Dental journals and online articles today are filled with tons of options for dental treatment. People no longer want to go for traditional treatments when it comes to dental care. That is one of the reasons why cosmetic dentistry has become so popular. It is because people want to try new things that will give them faster results and better effectiveness. One of the oldest know treatment in dentistry is braces. If you have rabbit teeth or front teeth that have grown outwards, then braces are the way to go. But according to Dentzz review online, many people are now opting for clear aligners and are happy with the results.

What are clear aligners? And how are they different from braces? Clear aligners are basically clear braces, which are removable. They can be removed when the person is eating and can be put back again. They do not bend or cause any discomfort during eating the way traditional braces do. But there are certain pros and cons that need to be considered when going for either of the two options. The biggest disadvantage of traditional braces is that it catches on the flesh of the surface that it rubs against causing soreness and bleeding. Clear aligners do not do that. They are smooth and easy to remove and place. But today even traditional braces have become less bulky with smoother edges.

One of the major advantages of clear aligners is that they go virtually undetected because of their materials. This makes them a preferred option for young teenagers as it keeps their smile intact and at the same time does its work in tandem. Traditional braces on the other hand are not aesthetically appealing. But they win in terms if effectiveness. Even today many dentists suggest going for traditional braces if you can. Clear aligners cannot be effective if there is a huge gap that needs to be filled.

Another important benefit of clear aligners is that it will reduce your dental visits as opposed to frequent dental visits with traditional braces.  But the duration for which you will have to wear these clear aligner is much longer as compared to traditional braces, which do the job quicker. While both clear aligners and traditional braces have their advantages and disadvantages, it is up to the patient to decide what is best for them. Many Dentzz review state that dentist at Dentzz dental, understand how severe your problem is, and suggest the right treatment accordingly.

Ignoring Oral Health Care Can Lead to Various Dental Problems

Oral health problems are quite common due to our arguably busy and increasingly over taxing lifestyles. Food habits are changing and so are our consumption and living patterns. This leaves very little to no time left for oral health care or hygiene. But as much as we would like to consider it as an insignificant part of our new busy lives, this part of our life is capable enough to catch up with us in the form of a simple tooth ache and hamper our daily schedule.

Tooth decays and cavities are very common among most age groups. When these basic oral issues are ignored, our laid back or postponing attitude leads to worse situations like tooth abscess.

Tooth abscess is a form of pus affecting the teeth or gums. Dental abscess can cause throbbing pain and increased levels of oral discomfort. It is usually caused due to poor oral hygiene.

Dental Abscess Treatment at Dentzz

The causes of dental abscess are:

  • A cavity or decay of the teeth can further lead to dental abscess. A dental abscess can begin as a tooth infection or cavity. These infections are common in people with poor dental health and result from lack of regular dental care.
  • An infected tooth that has not received appropriate dental care can cause dental abscess to form. Poor oral hygiene, (such as not brushing and flossing properly or often enough) can cause cavities to form in your teeth. The infection then may spread to the gums and adjacent areas and become a painful dental abscess. Some dentists also consider cavities to be the beginning stage.

A more medically informed way of explaining it would be that a tooth abscess occurs when bacteria invade the dental pulp i.e. the innermost part of the tooth that contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. Bacteria enters through either a dental cavity or a chip or crack in the tooth and spread all the way down to the root. The bacterial infection can cause swelling and inflammation at the tip of the root.

The common treatments for a dental abscess depending on its stage or graveness are:

  • Common home remedies include the use of clove as an aesthetic, crushed garlic and its juice also helps in some cases.
  • Tea bags or papaya are another method used in households to sooth the infected tooth. These are usually used because of their anti-oxidant properties.

These home remedies can be used only if the abscess hasn’t reached a higher stage or hasn’t worsened already. In worse cases it is most advisable to visit a dentist who will prescribe the ideal medication and start the required procedure. Read Dentzz review to know how our professionals we have dealt with similar situations and provided relief to our patients.

Do You Know Certain Types of Sports Drinks can Cause Dental Problems in Athletes?

Athletes usually come across as fit and healthy, with a well maintained body and healthy muscles. However, you will be surprised to know that according to a study athletes are more likely to have dental problems.

A new study has now reported that certain types of sports drinks can cause many dental problems in athletes and cause serious damage to their teeth and gums. Some of the top athletes have been diagnosed with severe teeth problems like gingivitis and tooth decay due to prolonged and rapid exposure to sports drinks and the sugars that are present in them. Decaying teeth, swollen and bleeding gums, and enamel erosion have affected close to 17-36% of sportsmen and in some cases has even caused them their coveted title and top position.

Causes of Sports Drinks - Dentzz

The 2012’s London Olympics was a glaring example of this. Many athletes in the game were found having severe tooth problems and could not perform due to the pain. Of those, nearly 46% stated that they did not visit a dentist in the past 1-year or so and did not pay much attention to their sports drinks in take, as they did not think it would cause any problems. They have in fact stated that nearly 18% of them just blindly ignored their dental problems.

It is a known fact that dental problems cause pain and inflammation, it affects eating and sleeping habits and even dampens your confidence at some point. Most of these problems that affect these athletes due to sports drinks can be easily avoided by having a regular appointment with their dentist. The sugary and acidic drinks can cause enamel erosion, and tooth decay. In addition, lots of training will also lead to dehydration, which affects the production of saliva, which again causes tooth decay.

They need to use high fluoride content toothpaste, and rinse their mouth after each and every drink they consume. In addition, regular appointment with your dentist will also help them keep dental problems at bay and give timely solutions to their problems. Some of the famous athletes have shared their experiences and results in the form of Dentzz review, read them to know more about our clinic and professionals.

Maintaining Good Oral Hygiene Helps to Avoid Dental Problems

Your teeth do not have a life as short as you think they do. If taken care of properly, they can even last a lifetime! And that is exactly where most of us go wrong. Maintaining good oral hygiene is important because it helps you to keep your teeth intact and at the same time avoid any dental problems. It might also happen that you take good care of our teeth, you brush twice a day, floss in between meals and what not, but you still might be engaging in certain bad habits that is undermining your good efforts. Let us have a look at 5 such problems:


  1. Crunching, Sipping and Sucking

You are drinking ice soda from your cup. No harm. Taking in the ice. And then crushing it with your teeth it till dissolves. Blissful isn’t it? No! Because this ice crushing can cause teeth fracture. When any substance that is hard for the teeth to bite, it may lead to cracks in the enamel, which might be invisible now, but they cause some serious damage in the future. Sipping and suing on sugary soda also has similar effects and causes the aides to get lodged between the teeth causing slow erosion.

  1. Using Teeth As Tools

Your teeth are, but to do a very simple job – HELP YOU EAT! They are not supposed to be used as a tool to open your bag of chips, or a bottle of soda or as a bottle opener. It is actually nothing short of teeth trauma when you do that and it actually causes the teeth to become weak from their positions and may cause some serious damage.

  1. Grinding Your Teeth

Grinding is a common problem faced by people who deal with very high levels of stress. Usually caused by stress or anxiety, it actually wears down your teeth and causes the teeth to become weak and reduce the enamel. Try wearing a mouth guard as suggested by your doctor, or try counseling to reduce your stress. If there is a gap or a crooked tooth, due to which this is happening, get the gap filled and alignment done. Try to cut back on all the crazy caffeine and alcohol consumption. And do not chew any objects like pens or pencils.

  1. Hard Bristle Toothbrush

You may be of the opinion that the harder the brush, the better the cleaning process. It is not so! Too much of hard bristles may cause erosion of gums and lead to gingivitis. As you grow older your gum push back, revealing their network of nerves, a hard bristle toothbrush may be the death of your healthy gums. Avoid it. According to Dentzz review many of our patients got rid of this habit after visiting our clinic, consult your dentist as to which kind of toothbrush you should be using.

  1. Not Brushing, Rinsing or Flossing

While these are the basics of maintaining your teeth, not everyone does it right. We should religiously brush our teeth twice a day. No excuses. You eat so many times in the day, it is important to floss after every major meal. If you don’t known the right way, consult your dentist. Rinse our mouth after any sort of food intake. You can either use water or even go for antiseptic mouth rinse.

Visit Dentzz Dental Clinic for Instant Teeth Whitening Solutions

If you think your pearly whites have lost their shine and luster, then you might want to think about getting them whitened. So here we give you certain benefits of doing it both ways and see how you get the best of the treatment. Firstly, there are many differences between getting a treatment done at a dentist and at home. The care and service you will get at a reputed clinic as per Dentzz review cannot be compared.

Getting it done yourself will also mean a comfortable environment. There are many over the counter pills that are available today and many do it yourself home treatment that will certainly brighten your teeth, but it has to be done properly otherwise it is a waste.

Teeth Whitening- Dentzz

There are many factors that you need to consider and many things that need to be done in order for the end results to be good.

A professional treatment on the other hand will assure you guaranteed results. Your procedure will be overseen by a professional and that is bound to give you results. They will evaluate your teeth and tell you the best shade of brightness for your teeth. After all you do not want your teeth to look unnatural.

According to Dentzz review, at this clinic you will also get tips and tricks to maintain your teeth and their shine. What to eat, what not to eat, how to manage your teeth for a first few days and so on. So forget over the counter and DIY treatment! Head to a reputed clinic like Dentzz and get the best teeth whitening you can. With experienced professionals working on your teeth, it cannot go wrong!

Article Source; http://bit.ly/1OvUbVU

Complete Dental Care for Seniors

We only get one set of permanent teeth and it is very important we take care of them throughout our lives and even when we grow old. Researches over the years have indicated that 75% of senior citizens have only a small percent of their teeth remaining.

Most of them lose their teeth due to severe gum problems and dental decay due to over-accumulation of plaque. It is a known fact that poor dental hygiene also leads to increased risk of heart diseases and diabetes. The most basic oral problems that most senior citizens face is receding gums and over sensitive teeth. When they try to brush their teeth, it is usually followed by a very sharp sensation in the teeth and gums that is usually painful.


For this, it is important to visit your dentist and talk to him about your problems. Dentzz review online state how doctors at the clinic pay special attention to the needs of seniors. Our dental team not only understands the dental needs of seniors but also other problems associated with it.  We will help you get the best of equipments that will aid you in different ways to achieve good dental care. If the senior person has lost his or her tooth, they may have very specific dental care requirements and those need to be taken care of.

Dentzz review state that usually it’s not very difficult to brush, once they have correct guidelines and have regular dentist visits. Dental examination of an adult is a bit different from that of a senior citizen. When seniors visit the dentist, they check their face and neck to see any skin discoloration, moles, sores. They also check their jaw line and opening and closing of teeth to see how they come together.

Article Source; http://bit.ly/1NR8Yuc

Dental Implants: Best Option for Damaged or Missing Teeth

Missing teeth, damaged teeth? Live with it. Can you imagine a situation such as this? This was the situation a few years back. The area of dentistry has made many advancements way ahead of these times by the invention and development of dental implants. Dental implants, in lay man terms are replacement teeth which look and feel just like natural teeth and also matches the natural colour of teeth. They are very helpful since it makes the individual’s teeth look natural.

Of the many advantages of dental implants, some of the few which stand out are that they improve the appearance of the individuals, help in improved speech, helps the individual in eating better, improves the self-esteem of the individual to a great extent, and improves the general oral health of the individual. Dental implants are one of the best long term solutions for missing teeth in humans and are said to have a high success rate of around 98%. However, the advantages of having dental implants are not just the aforementioned, various Dentzz review, one of the foremost names in the area of dentistry in India, which has its centres in places around India including Delhi and Mumbai, are of the opinion that apart from the aforementioned advantages, dental implants also help the people with conditions such as osteoporosis.


Patients who write Dentzz review, after being treated at Dentzz, especially those with osteoporosis, are of the opinion that dental implants can be a blessing in disguise. Osteoporosis is a condition where in the bone mineral density is drastically less due to a number of reasons. These include calcium or vitamin deficiency, hormonal changes, etc. The condition can result in brittle and extremely fragile bones in the individuals, which would mean that the individuals would thereafter be more prone to fractures and other brittle bone disorders.

Osteoporosis is caused in individuals due to various reasons including bad life style or even genetics. This condition results in weak bones even in the jaws of the individuals which further loosens the grip of the root of the teeth thereby resulting in loss of teeth. In situations such as these, dental implants help a great deal by restoring the teeth of the individuals and lifting up their spirit, thereby aiding them to have a better quality of life.

Dentzz, which is one of the most popular dental clinics in India, is well equipped with the necessary state of the art infrastructure and the manpower which includes some of the best dentists in the country. The treatments are provided in a very systematic manner and are customised to the requirements of each person. They also ensure that the patient’s health history is very well understood by the dentist before performing any treatment. Since the treatments and the medications may have a bearing on the health of the person. However, the best way to avoid situations such as these is by taking adequate calcium supplements and vitamin D in your daily food intake.

Know more About Common Causes of Dental Abscess

Like most other dental problems, dental abscess is a painful infection that affects the teeth and gums. More precisely it affects the root of the teeth, the gums and sometimes makes its way into the jaw and in extreme cases even the facial bones. This is an unbearably painful but preventable dental condition. Being informed about a disease is always the first step towards curing or preventing it.

  • Common causes of Dental abscess are:

The original cause could be a deep rooted cavity, gum infections, diseases or dental trauma. It is most likely to be caused by irregular or poor dental care. The most basic cause of dental abscess is unruly oral hygiene and a cavity which has not been attended to.  People who have a naturally low immunity or a reduced immunity caused by certain diseases are more prone to dental abscess.

Dentzz Abscess? Meet Experts at Dentzz

  • Certain symptoms to watch out for are:

In the initial stage the symptoms typically include, a deep rooted and spreading cavity, swollen gums and general oral pain. It also includes gum inflammation and sometimes bleeding gums. The symptoms eventually move towards reddening of the mouth and entire face and puss flowing from the gums. At a much later stage a person suffering from dental abscess shows symptoms like fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

  • Remedies and treatment for Dental Abscess include:

This dental condition could be a very painful and stressful one. If given right and timely dental care it can be strategically cured with treatments. To start with certain home remedies using things that are commonly found in the house could be used. Simple things like garlic which is a natural bacteria killer can be crushed and its juice can applied on the gums. This not only kills bacteria but also reduces pain. Before visiting the dentist you could use clove or its oil, since it acts as a natural anaesthetic. Other than home remedies more powerful over the counter drugs are available to supress the pain caused by dental abscess.

While these remedies might help in reducing pain and temporarily provide relief to the infected area, they are not permanent solutions. Visit a good dentist who can cater to your needs.
We at Dentzz provide the required care and treatment for dental conditions like dental abscess. To read the reviews of other patients check out the Dentzz review sections. We are thankful to our patients who have provided us with their valuable review after being treated by our dentists.

Study Shows That People with Dental Problems are more likely to Have Heart Disease

Through the journey of our lives, right from child hood to teenage years, we have all repeatedly heard one sentence which has been told in most of our homes, by the elders. ‘Brush your teeth well’. Did you think listening to that sentence would end with your teenage years and the beginning of adulthood? Well, the answer has to be a big no. The most recent research studies in the area of dentistry confirms the huge, strong and definite connection between oral health and the overall health of the individual.

Falling short in the area of dental hygiene can make us pay a huge cost. The most famous institutions on dental health around the world, now confirm that gum diseases or bad oral hygiene can build up plaque which could eventually clog down the arteries in the human beings and increase the chances of having a stroke attack. The leading doctors of the world, including cardiac surgeons and the best dentists in the world opine that the mouth can be a good warning sign post.

Missing Teeth? Meet the Experts Team at Dentzz

In addition to genetics, a number of factors such as smoking habits, blood pressure, weight issues can all be adding agencies to the dental health of the individuals and increase the chances of having a number of dental problems. Studies around the world show that people with dental problems such as periodontics are more likely to have heart diseases. In case of the plaque build-up in teeth and gum diseases, due to improper or bad brushing habits, the bacteria from the infected parts of the mouth can attach themselves and make space for themselves in the internal area of the blood vessels which make the chances of clogging of the ducts higher leading to a number of cardio-vascular events.

Recent research studies also suggest that the risk of heart diseases would be more in individuals with missing teeth than those with healthy teeth, thereby suggesting that missing teeth may predict future cardio-vascular events in individuals. However, the research in this area still continues and the numerous doubts on establishing this as a fact have not been laid to rest.

One of the most important things therefore, that each of us need to follow, is to have regular dental check-ups with good dental professionals. One of the most renowned dental clinics in India is Dentzz. Patients from there write many Dentzz review elaborating how the clinic helped them gain their oral health.

Dentzz review, also recommended that individuals need to maintain good oral health in order to maintain their overall health. Generally the following dental hygiene regimes and steps come highly recommended:

  • Brush teeth after every meal, or at least twice a day
  • Floss teeth daily
  • Recycle tooth brush once in at least three months
  • Consult your dentist for regular dental check-ups

The warning signs that every individual need to be mindful of is any inflammation or swelling in the gums, bleeding of the gums, continuous bad breath, loose teeth. Early detection of any gum disease can go a long way in avoiding cardio-vascular conditions in human beings.