What Type of Orthodontic Braces are Best for You

A beautiful set of teeth is everyone’s dream and one way to achieve this is with a straight set of teeth. For this most people need to wear braces. In the earlier days wearing braces meant getting metallic framework inserted into your mouths for a long period. Today with advances in technology there is an entire range of braces to choose from. Let us look closely at three types that we usually see.

The most common are metal braces. They can be silver, gold or in some cases even multi coloured today. Each bracket is placed on a tooth and they are attached with an arch wire. Rubber bands (also called ligatures) are used to keep the arches and brackets together. Metal braces are quite strong and can withstand quite a lot of stress and strain. 

Types of Braces- Dentzz

The other option is ceramic braces which are made of composite materials. They take on the natural colour of the teeth and are less conspicuous than metal. The ties that come with these are either clear or white metal so they are also not seen. These brackets do not stain although the ties stain easily but this is not an issue as they are usually replaced every month.

Ceramic braces are more expensive than metal. As the term suggests ceramic is easily breakable and the brackets cannot withstand too much stress. In fact most doctors would advise you against wearing ceramic braces on teeth that are used often for chewing. 

Depending on your budget and your beauty requirements you can choose the braces that best suit you. For more information visit Dentzz or read some Dentzz review where patients have shared their experiences on the what types of braces where recommended to them 

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