Oral Hygiene- Common Dental Myths You Must Know

Myths exist in every area of life but the ones that we should bust are the ones that concern our health. Primarily the greatest myths we are fed are the ones about our oral health because that is one aspect of our body that we become very familiar with early in life. 

The first belief that we have is that the more we brush the more our teeth shine. Unfortunately brushing excessively is as bad as not brushing at all. The surface of our teeth is made of enamel which keeps the teeth healthy. Brushing for long periods and too many times can wear the enamel down leading to tooth sensitivity and a host of other problems. Brushing too much can also affect gum health.

People firmly believe that chocolate causes tooth decay but this is not true. Chocolate in itself does not affect the teeth in any way. Teeth are affected by what a person does not do after eating chocolate. 

Most people refuse to visit the dentist unless there is a problem believing that if the teeth look fine to the naked eye then they are healthy. Unfortunately this is not true. 

It is another belief that using toothpicks cause teeth to be widened. There is nothing wrong in using a toothpick to clean the areas between your teeth as it will not widen the gaps but what we should be careful about is to take care of the soft tissue in our mouths and our gums when we use toothpicks. 

A tooth extraction is seen as extremely painful and is postponed as much as possible. With technological developments it has become much easier and painless. 

Let us bust these myths together. Visit Dentzz for a review of your oral health and to understand the facts behind care for teeth.  Read the testimonials of people as they write extensive Dentzz review to convince you. 

Article Source; http://bit.ly/1HmBxxP


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