What is Tongue Thrust?

Tongue thrust is the common name given to the habit of pushing the tongue through the anterior incisors when swallowing, talking or sometimes even when at rest. Nearly all children exhibit symptoms but by the time they are six they usually adopt a normal swallowing pattern. It is believed that on an average, a person swallows anywhere between 1300 and 2000 times a day with a pressure of about 4 to 5 lbs per swallow. This constant pressure on the teeth can force them out of alignment or what is called malocclusion of teeth.

Dentzz Dental Treatments for Tongue Thrusting

There are various causes for tongue thrusting, primary among them is thumb sucking, as it causes the tongue to move into a forward position constantly increasing the pressure on the teeth. Similarly babies who suck on artificial nipples or feeding bottles also push their tongues forward as these materials cause a greater forward movement of the tongue as opposed to natural breast feeding. Children who breathe through their mouths also have tongue thrusting as the position of the tongue in the mouth is different thus, those who have nasal allergies, congestion, etc. are more prone to this problem.

The major problem with this issue is that it is diagnosed only by an orthodontist, a dentist or a speech therapist. By this time the damage caused by tongue thrusting is already in need of serious correction. Correction is possible only if there is full cooperation on the part of both the parents and child. Failure is caused when either the parent or child has a lack of commitment or if the child suffers from a physical or mental developmental issue. It is possible to reverse the problems caused by two methods the more appropriate one chosen after review by specialists at Dentzz.

The first is called Tongue Therapy or in medical terms myofunctional therapy. This is a kind of exercise technique realigns the muscles of the tongue. It is a form of physiotherapy that is tongue based. It is done with the help of a speech therapist and the length of the treatment is influenced by the cooperation and dedication of the parents and child. This therapy has often proved to give the best results.

The second involves the fabrication of a custom appliance that prevents the tongue from touching the teeth. This is placed in the mouth and acts as a barrier between the tongue and the teeth. This procedure can be availed at your nearest Dentzz clinic. Many patients have accounted for their experiences by writing extensive Dentzz review.

Thus tongue thrusting is easily corrected as long as it is diagnosed early. Visit the specialist know if your child is suffering from tongue thrusting.



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