Do You Know Certain Types of Sports Drinks can Cause Dental Problems in Athletes?

Athletes usually come across as fit and healthy, with a well maintained body and healthy muscles. However, you will be surprised to know that according to a study athletes are more likely to have dental problems.

A new study has now reported that certain types of sports drinks can cause many dental problems in athletes and cause serious damage to their teeth and gums. Some of the top athletes have been diagnosed with severe teeth problems like gingivitis and tooth decay due to prolonged and rapid exposure to sports drinks and the sugars that are present in them. Decaying teeth, swollen and bleeding gums, and enamel erosion have affected close to 17-36% of sportsmen and in some cases has even caused them their coveted title and top position.

Causes of Sports Drinks - Dentzz

The 2012’s London Olympics was a glaring example of this. Many athletes in the game were found having severe tooth problems and could not perform due to the pain. Of those, nearly 46% stated that they did not visit a dentist in the past 1-year or so and did not pay much attention to their sports drinks in take, as they did not think it would cause any problems. They have in fact stated that nearly 18% of them just blindly ignored their dental problems.

It is a known fact that dental problems cause pain and inflammation, it affects eating and sleeping habits and even dampens your confidence at some point. Most of these problems that affect these athletes due to sports drinks can be easily avoided by having a regular appointment with their dentist. The sugary and acidic drinks can cause enamel erosion, and tooth decay. In addition, lots of training will also lead to dehydration, which affects the production of saliva, which again causes tooth decay.

They need to use high fluoride content toothpaste, and rinse their mouth after each and every drink they consume. In addition, regular appointment with your dentist will also help them keep dental problems at bay and give timely solutions to their problems. Some of the famous athletes have shared their experiences and results in the form of Dentzz review, read them to know more about our clinic and professionals.


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