Ignoring Oral Health Care Can Lead to Various Dental Problems

Oral health problems are quite common due to our arguably busy and increasingly over taxing lifestyles. Food habits are changing and so are our consumption and living patterns. This leaves very little to no time left for oral health care or hygiene. But as much as we would like to consider it as an insignificant part of our new busy lives, this part of our life is capable enough to catch up with us in the form of a simple tooth ache and hamper our daily schedule.

Tooth decays and cavities are very common among most age groups. When these basic oral issues are ignored, our laid back or postponing attitude leads to worse situations like tooth abscess.

Tooth abscess is a form of pus affecting the teeth or gums. Dental abscess can cause throbbing pain and increased levels of oral discomfort. It is usually caused due to poor oral hygiene.

Dental Abscess Treatment at Dentzz

The causes of dental abscess are:

  • A cavity or decay of the teeth can further lead to dental abscess. A dental abscess can begin as a tooth infection or cavity. These infections are common in people with poor dental health and result from lack of regular dental care.
  • An infected tooth that has not received appropriate dental care can cause dental abscess to form. Poor oral hygiene, (such as not brushing and flossing properly or often enough) can cause cavities to form in your teeth. The infection then may spread to the gums and adjacent areas and become a painful dental abscess. Some dentists also consider cavities to be the beginning stage.

A more medically informed way of explaining it would be that a tooth abscess occurs when bacteria invade the dental pulp i.e. the innermost part of the tooth that contains blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. Bacteria enters through either a dental cavity or a chip or crack in the tooth and spread all the way down to the root. The bacterial infection can cause swelling and inflammation at the tip of the root.

The common treatments for a dental abscess depending on its stage or graveness are:

  • Common home remedies include the use of clove as an aesthetic, crushed garlic and its juice also helps in some cases.
  • Tea bags or papaya are another method used in households to sooth the infected tooth. These are usually used because of their anti-oxidant properties.

These home remedies can be used only if the abscess hasn’t reached a higher stage or hasn’t worsened already. In worse cases it is most advisable to visit a dentist who will prescribe the ideal medication and start the required procedure. Read Dentzz review to know how our professionals we have dealt with similar situations and provided relief to our patients.


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