Complete Dental Care for Seniors

We only get one set of permanent teeth and it is very important we take care of them throughout our lives and even when we grow old. Researches over the years have indicated that 75% of senior citizens have only a small percent of their teeth remaining.

Most of them lose their teeth due to severe gum problems and dental decay due to over-accumulation of plaque. It is a known fact that poor dental hygiene also leads to increased risk of heart diseases and diabetes. The most basic oral problems that most senior citizens face is receding gums and over sensitive teeth. When they try to brush their teeth, it is usually followed by a very sharp sensation in the teeth and gums that is usually painful.


For this, it is important to visit your dentist and talk to him about your problems. Dentzz review online state how doctors at the clinic pay special attention to the needs of seniors. Our dental team not only understands the dental needs of seniors but also other problems associated with it.  We will help you get the best of equipments that will aid you in different ways to achieve good dental care. If the senior person has lost his or her tooth, they may have very specific dental care requirements and those need to be taken care of.

Dentzz review state that usually it’s not very difficult to brush, once they have correct guidelines and have regular dentist visits. Dental examination of an adult is a bit different from that of a senior citizen. When seniors visit the dentist, they check their face and neck to see any skin discoloration, moles, sores. They also check their jaw line and opening and closing of teeth to see how they come together.

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