Dental Implants: Best Option for Damaged or Missing Teeth

Missing teeth, damaged teeth? Live with it. Can you imagine a situation such as this? This was the situation a few years back. The area of dentistry has made many advancements way ahead of these times by the invention and development of dental implants. Dental implants, in lay man terms are replacement teeth which look and feel just like natural teeth and also matches the natural colour of teeth. They are very helpful since it makes the individual’s teeth look natural.

Of the many advantages of dental implants, some of the few which stand out are that they improve the appearance of the individuals, help in improved speech, helps the individual in eating better, improves the self-esteem of the individual to a great extent, and improves the general oral health of the individual. Dental implants are one of the best long term solutions for missing teeth in humans and are said to have a high success rate of around 98%. However, the advantages of having dental implants are not just the aforementioned, various Dentzz review, one of the foremost names in the area of dentistry in India, which has its centres in places around India including Delhi and Mumbai, are of the opinion that apart from the aforementioned advantages, dental implants also help the people with conditions such as osteoporosis.


Patients who write Dentzz review, after being treated at Dentzz, especially those with osteoporosis, are of the opinion that dental implants can be a blessing in disguise. Osteoporosis is a condition where in the bone mineral density is drastically less due to a number of reasons. These include calcium or vitamin deficiency, hormonal changes, etc. The condition can result in brittle and extremely fragile bones in the individuals, which would mean that the individuals would thereafter be more prone to fractures and other brittle bone disorders.

Osteoporosis is caused in individuals due to various reasons including bad life style or even genetics. This condition results in weak bones even in the jaws of the individuals which further loosens the grip of the root of the teeth thereby resulting in loss of teeth. In situations such as these, dental implants help a great deal by restoring the teeth of the individuals and lifting up their spirit, thereby aiding them to have a better quality of life.

Dentzz, which is one of the most popular dental clinics in India, is well equipped with the necessary state of the art infrastructure and the manpower which includes some of the best dentists in the country. The treatments are provided in a very systematic manner and are customised to the requirements of each person. They also ensure that the patient’s health history is very well understood by the dentist before performing any treatment. Since the treatments and the medications may have a bearing on the health of the person. However, the best way to avoid situations such as these is by taking adequate calcium supplements and vitamin D in your daily food intake.


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