Know more About Common Causes of Dental Abscess

Like most other dental problems, dental abscess is a painful infection that affects the teeth and gums. More precisely it affects the root of the teeth, the gums and sometimes makes its way into the jaw and in extreme cases even the facial bones. This is an unbearably painful but preventable dental condition. Being informed about a disease is always the first step towards curing or preventing it.

  • Common causes of Dental abscess are:

The original cause could be a deep rooted cavity, gum infections, diseases or dental trauma. It is most likely to be caused by irregular or poor dental care. The most basic cause of dental abscess is unruly oral hygiene and a cavity which has not been attended to.  People who have a naturally low immunity or a reduced immunity caused by certain diseases are more prone to dental abscess.

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  • Certain symptoms to watch out for are:

In the initial stage the symptoms typically include, a deep rooted and spreading cavity, swollen gums and general oral pain. It also includes gum inflammation and sometimes bleeding gums. The symptoms eventually move towards reddening of the mouth and entire face and puss flowing from the gums. At a much later stage a person suffering from dental abscess shows symptoms like fever, nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea.

  • Remedies and treatment for Dental Abscess include:

This dental condition could be a very painful and stressful one. If given right and timely dental care it can be strategically cured with treatments. To start with certain home remedies using things that are commonly found in the house could be used. Simple things like garlic which is a natural bacteria killer can be crushed and its juice can applied on the gums. This not only kills bacteria but also reduces pain. Before visiting the dentist you could use clove or its oil, since it acts as a natural anaesthetic. Other than home remedies more powerful over the counter drugs are available to supress the pain caused by dental abscess.

While these remedies might help in reducing pain and temporarily provide relief to the infected area, they are not permanent solutions. Visit a good dentist who can cater to your needs.
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