Study Shows That People with Dental Problems are more likely to Have Heart Disease

Through the journey of our lives, right from child hood to teenage years, we have all repeatedly heard one sentence which has been told in most of our homes, by the elders. ‘Brush your teeth well’. Did you think listening to that sentence would end with your teenage years and the beginning of adulthood? Well, the answer has to be a big no. The most recent research studies in the area of dentistry confirms the huge, strong and definite connection between oral health and the overall health of the individual.

Falling short in the area of dental hygiene can make us pay a huge cost. The most famous institutions on dental health around the world, now confirm that gum diseases or bad oral hygiene can build up plaque which could eventually clog down the arteries in the human beings and increase the chances of having a stroke attack. The leading doctors of the world, including cardiac surgeons and the best dentists in the world opine that the mouth can be a good warning sign post.

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In addition to genetics, a number of factors such as smoking habits, blood pressure, weight issues can all be adding agencies to the dental health of the individuals and increase the chances of having a number of dental problems. Studies around the world show that people with dental problems such as periodontics are more likely to have heart diseases. In case of the plaque build-up in teeth and gum diseases, due to improper or bad brushing habits, the bacteria from the infected parts of the mouth can attach themselves and make space for themselves in the internal area of the blood vessels which make the chances of clogging of the ducts higher leading to a number of cardio-vascular events.

Recent research studies also suggest that the risk of heart diseases would be more in individuals with missing teeth than those with healthy teeth, thereby suggesting that missing teeth may predict future cardio-vascular events in individuals. However, the research in this area still continues and the numerous doubts on establishing this as a fact have not been laid to rest.

One of the most important things therefore, that each of us need to follow, is to have regular dental check-ups with good dental professionals. One of the most renowned dental clinics in India is Dentzz. Patients from there write many Dentzz review elaborating how the clinic helped them gain their oral health.

Dentzz review, also recommended that individuals need to maintain good oral health in order to maintain their overall health. Generally the following dental hygiene regimes and steps come highly recommended:

  • Brush teeth after every meal, or at least twice a day
  • Floss teeth daily
  • Recycle tooth brush once in at least three months
  • Consult your dentist for regular dental check-ups

The warning signs that every individual need to be mindful of is any inflammation or swelling in the gums, bleeding of the gums, continuous bad breath, loose teeth. Early detection of any gum disease can go a long way in avoiding cardio-vascular conditions in human beings.


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