Dentzz- Do You Know What is Pericoronitis Infection?

Oral hygiene has been given utmost importance in recent times. It is because most of the germs and bacteria can enter our bodies mainly through our mouth. One such medical condition of the teeth that adults usually face is Pericoronitis. It can develop when wisdom teeth only partially erupt or break through the gum. It allows an opening for bacteria to seep in around the tooth and lead to an infection. In cases of pericoronitis, the food or plaque that is a bacterial film remains on teeth after eating. Sometimes, it may get caught underneath a flap of gum that is around the tooth. If it happens to reside there, it can very well irritate the gum, leading to pericoronitis. If it is severe, the irritation, swelling and infection may extend beyond the jaw up to the cheeks and neck.


Our professionals thoroughly check patients’ wisdom teeth. If we see any of them partially erupted, it is important to take the necessary precautions. We recommend our patients to get an X-ray done periodically to determine the alignment of the wisdom teeth. After taking note of any symptoms such as swelling, inflammation, burning, infection, we check for the appearance of a gum flap around a wisdom tooth and then begin the treatment accordingly.

In some cases, if the pericoronitis is limited to the tooth and the pain and swelling has not spread, the treatment is done by rinsing your mouth with warm salt water. The patient should also make sure that the gum flap does not have any food trapped under it. If you find that your jaw and cheek is swollen and painful, visit us right away. We treat the infection with appropriate antibiotics. You can also use pain relievers such as aspirin paracetamol or ibuprofen. If the pain and inflammation are severe, or if the pericoronitis recurs, then in such case, oral surgery has to be performed. The gum flap or wisdom tooth may have to be removed. In this instance, an appropriate referral to the oral and maxillofacial surgery may be done. A low-level laser can be used to reduce pain and inflammation that is associated with pericoronitis.

Pericoronitis can be classified as chronic and acute. In cases of chronic pericoronitis, there can be mild symptoms present. Long remissions between any escalations to severe conditions are present. Acute pericoronitis can be associated with a broad range of symptoms such as severe pain, swelling and fever. There is an association with an abscess (an accumulation of pus). Here the infection spreads to other parts of the face or neck. It occasionally leads to airway compromise that requires emergency hospital treatment. Patients who are suffering from the same need to get it treated through pain management and we help by resolving the inflammation. It can be resolved by flushing the debris from the pericoronal tissues or maybe by removing the associated tooth or operculum. It helps retain the tooth and requires improved oral hygiene in the area to prevent further acute episodes.

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