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While most of us think that fried and unhealthy food ruins our dental health, that’s not true! Binge drinking, and certain activities along with random food eating habits can damage your enamel to a great extent. Although taking care of our teeth like brushing twice a day and flossing regularly helps, sometimes it’s not enough. Why? Because along with proper and regular self help dental care tips, you also need to make sure that you visit your dentist at regular intervals. You should steer clear of certain habits that ruin your oral conditions.


A golden rule to healthy enamel is avoiding sugar and sweets before you go to sleep. Consuming sugar at odd hours can damage your enamel to a great extent if not followed by brushing and flossing. Many patients face problem that deal with root canal treatment due to random consumption of chocolates and hard candies. This is because sugar produces a certain acid, which in turn produces bacteria that attacks your teeth and eats the gum enamel. So avoid sticky jelly candies that can easily get stuck to your teeth.

Our professionals at Dentzz state that excessive consumption of soda and aerated drinks results in stained and discolored teeth. Aerated drinks are highly sugar laden and have the same effect on teeth enamel as a chocolate or hard candy.  They produce harmful bacteria that eat away at your enamel and gums causing serious side effects. While these adverse effects may not be seen immediately, with time it only gets worse.

Apart from these, another major cause of bad teeth is alcohol. Even if it is just a glass of wine, the acids presents in alcohol can erode the enamel and produce holes and gaps. It also dries your mouth and reduces the production of saliva, which is actually a natural plaque-fighting agent. According to our experts, these factors not only contribute to bad oral health care but also damage your gums. Our experts offer regular advice to our patients such as rinsing mouth between each drink so as to maintain a good amount of water retention in your mouth and rinse out the harmful bacteria.

There are other risks like opening bottle caps with your teeth or removing tags off your new clothes that may adversely affect your teeth. While it is important to maintain good oral health care routine by yourself, you should have regular dentist visits as well. Many Dentzz review state that patients who have visited their dentist at least once every month have managed to have strong teeth and superb dental healthcare. So if you follow these tips and make sure you have maintained good oral hygiene with proper eating habits, your oral healthcare routine will be successful in giving you longer lasting teeth.


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  1. I have been consuming lot of aerated drinks without knowing its side effects. Thank you for sharing this insightful article as now I know what harm such drinks could cause to my teeth and I will make sure to avoid drinking them on daily basis.

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